About me

Since I was a child pets always have been part of my life and I can not imagine being without them. In the beginning it have been very common species like a dog and guinea pigs, but later I started keeping insects, reptiles, fishes, birds and so on as well (not all at the same time).

Because of this passion it was basically obvious that I will start my work life in that same direction, so I moved out from home when I was 18 to become a zookeeper 🙂

How did I get into snakes?

My first Corn Snake was not really planned, it was a spontaneous rescue.
It was an adult wildtype male I got incl. his terrarium.

A few months later I got 2 adult females which lived seperared from the male.

Since the fascination for snakes totally got me, I later got more and more of them during the years, also other species, but always non venomous species, mostly colubrids.

After some years of gaining knowledge and experience and learning all about morph genetics and buying in certain morphs, I started breeding Corn Snakes and a few years later other colubrids as well.